Sue and Friend (Above) Mam Meyer and Sue Swanke practice for the Olympic wrestling team. (Right) Paul from the band Blizzard of Oz, who sat in with us on bass for a song, seemed to enjoy the music. Paul

Josh and Cheryl Mary, Josh and Bobbi (Above) Josh with his new friends Mary and Bobbi. (Left) Josh with his long-time close friend Cheryl Mehlbrech.

John Ah, the hazzards of being a rock star as John is besieged by unidentified women during the show... John

John and Friends ...Then things got really out of hand as a gang of spectators tackled John to the ground in the middle of a song. The woman with her arm around John's neck is Sue Swanke. Next to her (in the white shirt) is Barb Prueher and next to her (holding the cup) is Maribeth Luedtke. If anybody knows the names of others in this picture, please Email us :-)

Ice Angel and Friends Debbie "Ice Angel" (in white) with her friends "Prostock", "Joe" and "Pinkachew".

Ice Angel and Josh "Ice Angel" pals around with Josh who is trying to not miss any notes.

Photos by "Ice Angel"

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